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EU Referendum

So we finally have a referendum in the pipeline and, in my view, it’s been a long time coming. Honestly, I didn’t really think we’d even get this far. I’ve become so used to seeing the big two parties promise … Continue reading

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Did we read the small print?

Back in 1973, we joined the EEC. That was the European Economic Community. The point of it was to relax the trade barriers between the members so that we basically had guaranteed trading partners – so we’d all help each … Continue reading

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Whipping our democracy

Am I really missing the point with this concept of a party whip? The way I see it, they seem to ensure that members of their parties vote the way they’re told to. Is this what it boils down to? … Continue reading

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The untrustworthy rise to power

What follows is a very simple argument, but it’s one that seems to elude most voters. I’m putting this out there as a wake up call. Stay with me on this. I’m going to make it quick and painless, but … Continue reading

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Our un-secret ballot

This applies only in the UK. Hands up those who have noticed the subtle note-taking that takes place whenever you go to vote? If you haven’t, pay attention next time you go. You take your polling card to the polling … Continue reading

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Who on earth are the government?

When I was little (and I was little in the 80s), the government was this thing that my parents seemed to know how to deal with. I didn’t have to worry so much about them, if at all. They ran … Continue reading

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