My posts

Ever Closer Union : Accelerating our demise

Stuck in the middle : The EU bites the hand that feeds it

The Unreactive Right : Showing the Left how to take it on the chin

When you can’t say it with flowers… : …say it with a juggernaut

Aftermath of the EU Referendum : Liberal left show their true colours

EU Referendum : Our chance to make a run for it

Four million to one : Proportional representation should be on the agenda

Immigration : The emasculation of UK society

My definition of a modern tax system : A proposal for true democracy

The religion of peace : The elephant in the room

Are we all terrorists these days? : They’re not after you today but they might be tomorrow.

We have a pill for that! : Sleepwalking into state-sponsored addiction.

The 4th party : UKIP makes enormous gains. I wonder why.

Did we read the small print? : The EU is now very different to what we signed up for.

Scottish Independence : Possibly the most ill-conceived idea in my lifetime.

Perpetual War : What are we achieving if we are not trying to win?

Two or more minutes hate : Elections have become controlled revolutions.

They want our attention on the door : Distraction as a means of control.

Selling the NHS database : Your medical records are for sale unless you opt-out.

If you have nothing to hide… : Some thoughts on privacy and personal freedoms.

A government of (our) peers : Your MP should be like you. But they’re far from it.

Whipping our democracy : Your MP does not (and cannot) represent you.

The untrustworthy rise to power : Be careful what you vote for.

Taking the best of us : The government gets a new toy.

The London Riots : Britain’s dress rehearsal revolution.

Our un-secret ballot : Your vote can be counted. And traced back to you.

Who on earth are the government? : How those who rule us are out of touch.

My resignation : My opening post, introducing myself.


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