Ever Closer Union

120216_evercloserunionblog-556x359At this time of writing, I am starting to wonder if the days of the EU are numbered. Aside from being old enough to draw parallels between the EU and the USSR, I can point to two other reasons why ever closer union is a distinctly bad idea that’s likely to fail.

The goal of drawing closer to our European neighbours seems to be a chalice of the left, who claim that diversity is a good thing. I take diversity to be the celebration of difference. But what exactly is going to happen if all those different cultures mix up and impose themselves on each other?

The answer, as I see it, is that the differences will gradually disappear and the very diversity the left claim to honour so much will cease to exist. Therefore, I put to the House that maintaining borders is the way to preserve diversity.

The logical endgame of this orchestrated entropy would be monoculture, not multiculture.

So the left are (or might be) fighting the wrong war. If they like diversity so much, they should be championing borders rather than condemning them. Maybe I have this all wrong and they want to obliterate themselves, while projecting their self-loathing onto the right. It’s the right who get called racist, after all, when what I see myself as is as a champion of self-determination. Just something to think about.

So that’s my first point. My second point is that there is another example of a forced union that went south: Yugoslavia.

When I was growing up, I knew Yugoslavia as a single entity. I had no idea it was an amalgam of several countries. Interestingly, when the union split, it did so not only along territorial borders but along lines of ethnicity. The break-up happened because of political union, not in spite of it. Surely everyone remembers the ethnic cleansing that went on in those days, perpetrated against those who had settled in the wrong areas. It wasn’t that long ago.

I thought it was terrible at the time. Now I see how it can happen. I perceive the mood in the UK to be tense on this front. I can see the motivation for what happened in Yugoslavia. Not saying I approve of it; just that I understand it.

The break up of the EU (read: forced integration) doesn’t seem to be limited to the UK. France may not have elected Le Pen, but she got close. Germany only just formed a government after a September election with AfD gaining ground, Hungary has had enough of migrants and is openly defiant of EU rules, even Poland is sympathetic and Catalonia wants out of Spain. This is just from memory. There are probably other separatist sentiments elsewhere.

If Catalonia were to break away from Spain, or another country voted to leave the EU, the Brexit negotiations will start to look like we’re rearranging the furniture on the Titanic.


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1 Response to Ever Closer Union

  1. kutukamus says:

    I guess you made a point, Sebpringle1975. Once, there were a, b, c . . . Then, summed up, there are none but EU. Over time, the diversities will fade away. So, if one day somebody wants to split up, there will no longer be any authorities (of a/b/c.. etc). The furniture would be without owners but EU’s.
    PS: I might have got your idea wrong, but thanks for the insight anyway. 🍸

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