Stuck in the middle’ll never forget the flailing of the liberal left after their defeat at Brexit, like the Third Reich, who were convinced they could still win the war, even when the Allies were a few streets away. However, the liberal left could not concede defeat; they just had to kick and scream. Because that’s the way to lose gracefully. They lead by example.

So, over 50% of the country decided to give the elites a kicking. I’ve made no secret I’m one of them, but why, really?

Yes, it’s true I think immigration is (in 2017) out of control in the UK and that I think Brexit could put a chokehold on it. But, having been asked about my decision to leave more times than I can now count, it’s caused me to think more deeply about the decision. I do not regret the choice. I’m simply more convinced that it was the right choice to make.

The thing is, I aspire to be one of the middle class. I’ve done everything in my power to get there and, for a time, it looked like I was well on course. However, I was trying to live my best years under the Blair Regime, which seemed to have a penchant for kicking the ladders out from under those who wanted to better themselves [Anyone remember the simulataneous talk of “social mobility”, yet “profit” strangely becoming a dirty word? That]. Despite doing everything that was expected of me (and I consider myself to be a hard worker), things like promotion always seemed to be just out of my grasp.

I gradually came to the conclusion that I was being kept in my place. Now, running as fast as one can to stay exactly where you are is fine up to a point. But a) I need to put food on the table like everyone else, b) I’m trying to improve my standard of living, not merely maintain it and c) a person can only be resilient for so long.

At the time, I had no major beef with the EU, but it started to dawn on me that my support of it was feeding the very system that was keeping me in my place. In other words, it dawned on me that I couldn’t be middle class and support the EU; to do so was putting my stamp of approval on not being able to “climb the ladder”.

So, faced with the referendum, I saw the choice as not only to leave or remain, but also to “kick the elites” or “resign yourself to not getting anywhere”.

Now, past counting day and the result that surprised everyone, myself included, I honestly thought the top echelons of our society would take note and the status quo would change. The liberal-left national tantrum was just the entertainment while the grown-ups got on with the important stuff. Or so I thought. So what’s really happened?

As of now, politically, it would seem, not very much at all. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at this. That last election was a mistake and I knew it the moment it was announced. Furthermore, we do spend a hell of a lot of time debating and re-debating and never really getting much done. So it’s not that great a shock.

What’s surprised me is the number of firms now saying they’re going to relocate to stay in EU territory. This is something I didn’t see coming. On one hand I can see a reasoning behind it, but it also looks a lot like a punishment; a high-level version of the national tantrum if you will. In other words, after Brexit, I still won’t get a deserved promotion. I’ll just be slapped back even harder.

So, yes, I’m glad I gave the elites a bloody nose. If this is what they’re like, they can move to the EU. It might be hard in the short term, but in the long term I might just make an opportunity of it.


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One Response to Stuck in the middle

  1. kutukamus says:

    Love the spirit. Good luck, mate!

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