When you can’t say it with flowers…

images.duckduckgo.com…say it with a juggernaught.

That’s what’s been happening in London, Berlin, Paris and, most recently at this time of writing and until the next encounter with the religion of peace, Stockholm. For so peaceful are they, that they have to show their love for our culture in a really big way; something that can’t fail to make a massive impact. And what can make a bigger impact than a truck, lovingly wrapping itself around an unsuspecting bystander?

Sometimes I feel I’m missing something. It seems that only the liberal left are able to see how these acts are an expression of peace and love. Every time this subject comes up, they seem to be the only section of our society who can see this. The burden to explain between the lines that a peaceful religion has to mow down innocent bystanders to show how loving it is always falls to the libtards. It must be tiring and exhausting to have to reiterate this point over and over again, when those who protest and wish it would stop are stubbornly racist, fascist bigots.

We must become more self-loathing. This is key. Unless we do so, western civilisation and, by extension, our culture and way of life, might persist.

The libtards are gaining some ground, however. By holding candlelit vigils in which they ruthlessly do nothing, shockwaves get sent that can really change the way the world is run. And hashtags? They’re so powerful, I don’t know where to start. This is how to bring about change; do nothing. That ought to show ’em.

images.duckduckgo.comBut I’m confused about those crowds that make heart symbols with their hands and hold them up to the sky. Who’s side are they on? Are they showing they can stop a truck by adopting a special pose? It can’t be that, because then who would need traffic lights? Just have love-ins at every junction. Are they trying to show the religion of peace that they ‘get’ the love? It might be that. Perhaps they ‘feel loved’ as a result of these attacks? Possibly that too. Maybe a combination of the two. Maybe something I’ve not realised yet.

But I do know one thing: Until someone can explain this to me in words of one syllable, I don’t think I will ever understand the west’s reaction to this.


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