Whipping our democracy

forced_votingAm I really missing the point with this concept of a party whip?

The way I see it, they seem to ensure that members of their parties vote the way they’re told to. Is this what it boils down to? But I have a problem with that. Votes are supposed to be free. One is supposed to be able to vote as one wishes. That being the case, why “whip” people into voting in some other way? Surely, if you do that, those people are not really voting.

Am I the only one who sees it this way? Does no-one else think this is a problem?

If you need a whip to ensure you get your way, it means you proposed a motion that was basically unacceptable to begin with. Somehow I think we’d be better off without whips. At least let people vote as they wish, then the results become more meaningful.

The thing is, we vote in local representatives (or MPs) to voice our views in government – at least that’s the theory. But, when they get there, these whips tell them how to vote on each issue. Therefore, the whips potentially get in the way of our representatives’ ability to represent us.

This means that a fundamental element of our democratic system isn’t really democratic. Therefore, no point voting for anyone, as they can’t represent you anyway.

If I’m wrong on this, someone please tell me. I’m so disillusioned with the system that I could use a little affirmation that part of it works as I expect it to! Somehow I doubt my inbox will end up overflowing.


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