The untrustworthy rise to power

Vote WiselyWhat follows is a very simple argument, but it’s one that seems to elude most voters. I’m putting this out there as a wake up call. Stay with me on this. I’m going to make it quick and painless, but you might feel a little prick.

Everyone can recall a time they’ve heard a politician make a promise to do something. Be careful when you hear this. What they’re often asking for is more power. The trouble is, you might be looking at a well-loved, charismatic politician. You tell yourself that this person can do no wrong. You convince yourself they’re on your side. Indeed they may well be. And so we put our trust in them and they get more power. It doesn’t matter what that power is. The point is something just got invested in one person.

Now press down on that syringe of wake-up juice you’ve got jabbed in your artery. Here’s the rub.

If you vote for someone you like (or trust) to handle some new power, at some point that power will end up in the hands of someone you didn’t vote for. Remember – the power is tied to a position, not a person. Different people fill those positions from time to time. And sometimes, those people are not really on our side.

So be careful what you’re wishing for. You might like the person who’s watching over you today. But will you like the person who’s doing it tomorrow?

We must be careful – very careful – not to hand over too much power to so few individuals. I’m more than worried they don’t really have our best interests at heart.


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